The governor isn't even in the top 10 of highest-paid Washington state employees. You may be surprised by who did make the top 10. For departments with the largest payrolls, No. 1 is not surprising once you read the top 10 people, but No. 2 was a huge surprise. It makes sense, but never in a million years would I have guessed that!

1. UofW football coach Stephen Sarkisian ($2,633,642)
2. WSU football coach Mike Leach ($2,325,000)
3. UofW basketball coach Lorenzo Romar ($1,889,442)
4. WSU basketball coach Ken Bone ($1,889,442)
5. UofW assistant football coach ($799,259)
6. UofW athletic director Scott Woodward ($692,323)
7. WSU president Elson Floyd ($662,560)
8. UofW chief investment officer Keith Ferguson ($623,700)
9. UofW health economics expert Christopher Murray ($608,008)
10. WSU athletic director Bill Moos ($581,092)

Are you surprised, or not so much? What surprised me is the state does not list either Scott Woodward or Bill Moos as "athletic director." The state calls Woodward "associate vice president" and Moos "director." Hmmm... are they trying to hide something?

If you guessed the University of Washington is the No. 1 department for payroll you'd be right. After athletics and presidents, the highest paid people are the college of health and college of medicine professors. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that the No. 2 state department for payroll is Social and Health Services. And the top payrolls for that department are PSYCHIATRISTS!!! Who knew?