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Oregon Mulls Lessening Sentences for Drug Offenses
Oregon lawmakers are attempting to lessen the penalty for people found with small amounts of certain drugs.
All involved are attempting to come to a compromise, but the sheriffs department, district attorneys, and even the American Civil Liberties Union all have different ideas of how they …
iPhone Or Healthcare?
New iPhones cost $649. The average cost of health care for one year is $10,345.
Yet Utah Senator Jason Chaffetz said maybe instead of getting that new iPhone, maybe you should use it for healthcare instead. Logical? Do you agree?
Obviously it's not going over well on social media...
Local Doctor: Quit Asking for Antibiotics for a Cold!
How many times have you taken an antibiotic at the first sign of coughing or a runny nose?
The common cold may not be the worst sickness around, but it is one of the most difficult to cure in a short amount of time. Due to this, many people resort to popping antibiotics until the symptoms go away...
10 Best Places for Massages in Tri-Cities
Struggling to find a gift for that tough-to-shop-for person on your list? Buy them a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage! Several weeks ago an informal survey asked a couple dozen people about their favorites and this was the result:

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