How to Get Fan Gear for Half Off in Time for March Madness! is both an online store and a real store in Downtown Kennewick with an INCREDIBLE selection of fan gear. As March Madness approaches, now would be a good time to check them out for hats, clothing, keychains, and more with your team logo on it. And I know how to get it for half off…
Inflatable Lawn Ornaments Never Weather Worthy?!
I always feel bad when I see all the Holiday inflatables in heaps on people's front lawn. This morning, on my jog I spotted this. Obviously people go through a lot of trouble to decorate with these and as soon as it rains, or gets windy or snows too much, they are in heaps...
Best Deals For Black Friday Here
It's exactly one week until Black Friday which many shoppers consider the holy grail of shopping days... Here's a quick list to find some of the best  deals! Actually these deals begin Thursday so roll your full belly out the door to save some $$

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