What’s Wrong With This Picture?
I hate myself when I use these! WHY CAN'T I GET IT RIGHT?!!! AAAAARGGG!
I get so frustrated with myself when I resort to using the stupid white plastic shopping bags! I think they are horrible for the environment! But for the life of me, I can't seem to consistently remember the reusable ba…
10 Most Annoying People at the Grocery Store
I hate everything about Walmart and Winco. I hate grocery shopping period. It never used to bother me. Now it does. It's because I’m not there to lollygag and stroll. I want to get to the aisle, get my stuff, and go. And there’s always someone stopped, talking to a friend, kids running around, etc. …
You Can Do This in Just 12 Seconds! — New Research Says!
Ladies, half the fun in shopping is hanging out with friends visiting and talking and comparing fashions.
But, if you are in a hurry, you should know that a study was done and research says that a woman knows within the first 12 seconds of seeing an item whether or not she is going to buy it...
Summer Sandals! Where are the Best Places to Buy?
Finally the weather is warming up! It's always fun to kick off your boots and start wearing flip flops and sandals again.
I bought these new Flip Flops at Ranch and Home. I think they are cute, but the Big round 'bling' is not all that comfortable...
Best Sporting Good Stores in the Tri-Cities
Get out and enjoy outdoor activities. Here are a list of stores allowing you to buy whatever you need for your fitness goals. Whether it's sports, hiking, biking or running, these sporting good stores can help.

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