Oregon Beach Closed Due to…..
According to the Oregon Health Authority: "people should avoid contact with the ocean and nearby creeks at Rockaway Beach due to high levels of fecal bacteria".
The bacteria can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections a…
This One Mile Hike Will Change Your Life Forever
If you're new to the Pacific Northwest, a must see that everyone who lives here does, is the Columbia River Gorge. Specifically the water falls. If you didn't realize, there's  more than just Multnomah Falls in the Gorge...
21 Reasons To Make a Trip To Seattle This Summer!
From the Olympic forest, to the glimmering sea, the mountainous trails for hiking, biking or horse riding, to the nightlife, entertainment, sports games and more!. The West side of the mountains of Washington is filled with a million reasons to cross the cascades!
But, there is one more th...

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