5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Tri-Cities
I love the Tri-Cities. It has a charm, it's small yet big. You have everything you need without the overcrowding. We're constantly making national lists for things like "Best Places to Live" or "Safest Places to Live."
Only You Can Stop Fast Lane Abuse
One of the most infuriating experiences when driving is other drivers' abuse of the fast lane.
Let's take the time to spread awareness of fast lane abuse - a problem that affects countless people.
10 Rainier Hikes Everyone Should Do at Least Once
It is National Park week which means free entrance to all national parks. Mt. Rainier national park which is a quick 3 hr. Drive from Tri-Cities has some of the most picturesque views you'll ever see and well worthy of a visit or many visits for that matter.
Drive to Seattle and Spend Time in Middle Earth
The Lord of the Rings books and movies have some MAJOR fans. If you're one of those fans, you can experience Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings while the Seattle Symphony plays along LIVE! It's an incredible night filled with the movie you love and the music live and in person...
I-84 Eastbound is CLOSED!
I-84 eastbound is closed between Exit 216 (six miles east of Pendleton) and Ontario at Exit 374. I-84 westbound is closed between Ontario at Exit 374 and Baker City at Exit 302.
10 Items That Should Be on Your Tri-Cities Bucket List
Contrary to popular belief, there are a LOT of cool things to do in the Tri-Cities. Okay, not as many as Seattle or Portland, but still there are some places, events, and activities you must do in the Tri-Cities! Here's the list of a few things we think every Tri-Cities resident must do before …

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