Kirsten Brault is in the Extended Resource Room at Jefferson Elementary. This is from Heather Green's submission note:

My son was in her class for four years. Mrs. Brault is so sweet and so patient with all of the special needs children in the classes. She knows exactly how to get and keep their attention, redirect them if needed, and when to put them in refocus. The kids not only learn the information but they learn how to create and maintain a routine and how to earn, save and spend money. She helps them learn to work in groups and cooperate with children they may not be getting along with at the time. She helps them learn to use their words to communicate what they want, like, dislike, and their frustrations so that they learn a better way to communicate than getting angry and physical. I honestly believe that my son would not be as far along as he is now, would not have improved so much, had he not have her as a teacher for the past four years. She really deserves this."

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