Aimee Garcia plays Jamie Batista -- Dexter's nanny -- in the hit Showtime series "DEXTER." Garcia's role has been evolving in the final season and one of the ways is we've seen more of her character took her father by surprise!

Those of us who love her are excited by how enmeshed she's becoming in the lives of the leads, but, as Garcia pointed out, "When you're on a show with a serial killer your head is on the chopping block all the time."

One of the ways we're seeing more of Jamie Batista is, as Garcia put it, "Her naked side." Previously, she was just the nanny taking care of a baby, cooking dinner and washing some laundry. In the first episode this season Jamie Batista has a sex scene.

"She gets to be more adult -- not just scenes with Harrison (the child)," she said. "Her character is such a bright light in such a dark world. It's hard when your boss is a serial killer not to be dragged into that world."

The audience appreciated the scene on multiple levels. One writer told Garcia it resulted in the most-watched second episode in TV history. She also received a lot of marriage proposals on Twitter.

"Oh my gosh, guys are so simple! They're like, 'Me like butt, me marry butt.' Guys are so sweet, they go a little crazy."

But not all men were impressed by Garcia's posterior.

My dad is not super excited about that part... My dad had all his buddies over to watch the episode. 'Oh, you know, Dexter is premiering...' And I totally forgot to warn him. I called him the day after and asked, 'How are things going?' and there was silence," Garcia said "Go big or go home... My dad will never understand -- it's what we do for our art. At least it's a classy show. I told my dad it's not a crappy horror movie, it's an Emmy-nominated show. He said he doesn't care."

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