More winter weather today and the cold/flu season continues. Did you know that operating a vehicle while sick is like driving a car when you're under the influence of alcohol?

A study by Cardiff University reveals that driving with a cold can be as dangerous as drunk-driving.

Professor Andy Smith says, ''Having a cold is equivalent to drinking three or four pints and being over the limit. People with a cold had slower reaction times than those associated with drinking. Colds slowed reaction times by 36 milliseconds. Yet consuming the amount of alcohol that would lead to a driving ban slows reactions by just 15 milliseconds. In the study, 50 people with a cold were tested and the results then compared to results for a group who were not infected over the same three-month period. Results show that alertness was reduced by a third in cold sufferers. People who drive when they have a cold need to know the risks.''

So if you're sick today...STAY HOME!