We talked to actor Geoff Stults this morning about his role on Fox's new show "Enlisted." The show airs Friday nights at 9:30 (check your local listings).

You've likely seen the trailers for this new show "Enlisted." It's about three brothers stationed at the same Army post with a band of misfits. Stults' character is Staff Sergeant Pete Hill who "was on a path for a huge military career until one mistake overseas got him booted stateside. Now he's the platoon sergeant of the misfits and his brothers.

I remember Geoff Stults from "The Finder" but you may have preferred "7th Heaven," "October Road" and "Happy Town."

We talked football this morning. And surprise to us, he knows more than the average actor seeing how he used to play PROFESSIONALLY! That's right, he was a professional football player before acting -- in Austria.