Its been A while since Ive revealed my latest and greatest Pick-up lines...ohhhh and did I have some great ones I used at the fair! Did i have a fair romance?...well that's besides the point!

  • 1

    "Step right up...I,ll Guess your bra size?"

  • 2

    "Excuse me, Miss..Would you like to ride the rollercoaster with me?

  • 3

    "Hi. Would you like to try the "Whack-a-Mole"?

  • 4

    "Wow! Did you grow those yourself?"

  • 5

    "Wanna hold my corn dog?"

  • 7

    ."Hello ladies, I have a shirt that was made just for you...its back at my place"

  • 8

    "Wanna see my tan lines?"

  • 9

    C’mon over and get your fresh pretzels, maybe we can get tangled up.. together like this."

  • 10

    "Hi, there, honey. I'm headed for the swine barn! Want to look at everything that you're not?"