One of the biggest celebrities we've ever had -- Lou Diamond Phillips -- was on this morning and he was hilarious! We learned some behind-the-scenes facts about A&E's hit show "Longmire" and he spilled the beans on his favorite female co-star ever.
The interview kicked off with me mentioning I observed a "Young Guns" marathon to prep for the interview topped off with "La Bamba." To which Lou replied, "Oooh, really? That's like waterboarding... watching so much of me!"

Then I asked him to give a shout out to my granny, and instead he invited her to share a breakfast burrito -- LOL!

He said his supporting role in "Longmire" is one of the best roles he's ever had. It was the No. 1 show on cable Sunday nights. He called it one of the most interesting and innovative shows on TV.

Even though it's set in a fictional county in Wyoming, it's shot near Santa Fe, New Mexico! When our we going to share a breakfast burrito?

We asked him about almost being kicked off reality television in a contest with Cheech Marin to make a cheese sandwich!

"People come up to me on the street all the time over that!" he said.

In real life Lou said he cooks 3-4 times a week. It clears his head and is therapeutic.

Here is more from our conversation with him including his favorite female co-star all time:

Listen to the full interview: