A listener (Who has become a friend) called me one day and explained that she had a little Paint mare that she needed to find a home for...

Well, my plan to help her find a home went by the way side when I began to spend time with her.

Lady Liberty just stole our hearts and we have decided to keep her as part of our family.

She is doing well in her training in just the small amount of time I've spent with her. And I know she'll make a great riding horse soon.

I don't know if Carolyn guessed all along that she would end up with me. But, I kinda think that may have been her plan! Thank you Carolyn Shepard for trusting me with this sweet little mare. I know she'll be happy with us and you are always welcome to come see her!

Tony is becoming a great farrier for the three of them doing all natural barefoot trimming. Here he is with my horse Galeron!