Not often do we have a weekend off to get away and relax! So my boyfriend Tony and I eagerly anticipated a wonderful adventure to relish some fresh air,peace, quiet and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of our busy life!  We were envisioning  a beautiful display of open range land, glorious weather, peaceful horse rides...etc.

Okay, that was NOT the scenario of this weekend! (laughing out loud)

We had planned our first camping adventure of 2012 with our horses, Galeron, Duece and our newest little Lady Liberty. (She's the baby I recently adopted) We hoped for a ride like we'd had and LOVED last summer at Potholes resevoir and figured this time, we'd  spend the night!  We knew it would be cold so we even borrowed a generator to heat up an oil heater inside our sleeping area in our new horse trailer (over the gooseneck).

Of course no camping trip would be complete without spending half a day and way too much money shopping for all the things you THINK will be the last time you'll buy them (to justify the purchases) and making sure you've got everything needed to ensure the perfect experience! (see photos)

I'd practiced trailering the baby a number of times to make sure she would load/unload easilyand calmly and we took a few trial drives days before departure with all the horses in the new horse trailer to get them all used to it. And all looked fine! (see video)

We stopped so I could check on the horses about half way into the my complete dismay...Deuce, (who normally trailers perfectly) had apparently decided he was NOT happy in the new slant load and had gone ballistic! He had scraped the hair off his nose and had a bloddy spot on his head. I was HORRIFIED! I watched as he reared and kicked and wanted OUT! I  knew we needed to get some where to unload FAST, so we jumped back in the truck to get to the nearest place to unload.

The blood and scrapes were superficial, but the fact that he was that uncomfortable, made both Tony and I miserably sick to our stomach!

Thankful that Dueces' injuries were not serious, we set up for the night..and thought we could enjoy our evening...but realized we couldn't high line there, so had to tie the horses to the trailer for the night. We'd never tied them to the trailer all night before, so we  found ourselves staring out the window checking them every 5 minutes to make sure they were ok. So we didn't sleep all night!

Tired the follwing day, we cut our ride short and headed home only after a little riding.

We took out all the horse dividers in the trailer and they all rode peacefully home. So, we had a good laugh at the fact that we just spent all this money on a fancy horse trailer with all the padded dividers for NOTHING! Cause we would've spent half the money on a plain stock trailer!

We feel thankful that all the horses are okay and we learned a few things...Like the generator is WAY tool loud! (So we won't be buying one of those!  (oh yea...NEVER forget the salt and pepper!) And definitely bring MORE chocolate!!

I loved the trip, even though it wasn't perfect, because I got to stare at the sunset and listen to the birds and see the bright stars in the night sky! And have some timewith my wonderful boyfriend. And all in all, I figure, an adventure is just that! An adventure!