I read a new survey by a company called Bradley Corporation and they surveyed employees about work place restrooms here's what their study revealed. Plus you have to see the bathrooms here at the Key studio's. Tell me... do you think they're gross?

  • 6% of employees say their workplace bathroom is in terrible condition.
  • 41% of employees have encountered workplace toilets that are clogged, not flushed or smell bad
  • most common workplace bathroom complaints: empty or jammed towel and soap dispensers
  • 8% of workers have seen fellow employees leave the restroom without washing their hands
  • (Photo By Stacy Lee)

    The top pic is the Men's room and the bottom is the Women's room. Thanks goodness we have a seperate bathroom from the men. By the way I did not doctor these pic's this is exactly how they looked this morning! i feel like calling on of those bathroom makeover shows!