Windowless Airplane of the Future [VIDEO]
My airplane departs Pasco this morning in less than an hour. I spotted this story last week about the possibility of a windowless supersonic jet. At first I thought now way I want to be able to see out the window when in flight. But after I saw this video I may have changed my mind.
13 Reasons Flight Attendants Hate You (But Would Never Say)
Being a flight attendant is an incredibly hard job. Yeah, they mostly hand out drinks and collect garbage, but they're also prepared to restart your heart, deliver your baby, and help you keep your head if the plane crashes into the ocean. But they're people too, and these 13 things topped…
10 Interesting Airplane Travel Myths
I am not planning any airplane travel this summer however we always hear lots of horror stories about traveling via the friendly skies. A coworker of mine was just stranded for 5 1/2 hours on the runway in two different planes, I totally would have killed myself (JK). Here are the 10 urban legends a…