Big Jim And Stacy Lee

Here’s How to Give Your Kid Trust Issues
If you need a quick laugh to start your weekend off right, watch this video of a kid who fell asleep in a stroller...even though he looks way too old to use one. And his parents woke him up by leaving him in the center of the "Splash Zone" outside a water ride...
Old People Love Technology
Apple's Photo booth software...the one that distorts your face, is kind of old news. But if you need an easy laugh, and we don't provide enough of them for you...check out this video we found!
Someone rounded up the best videos of seniors trying it out...
The Mattress Domino
Big Jim & Stacy Lee always look over the web for videos that just catch our eye. This one caught us both! The human mattress domino.
Oscar Fashion Predictions With George Kotsiopoulos
We are on the countdown to the Oscars, coming up on Sunday February 26th. Big Jim & Stacy Lee wanted to get the predictions for fashion on the Red Carpet, and we called on celebrity stylist, fashion police host George Kotsiopoulos from E! Ne...
Win Tickets To “Florence + The Machine”
Listen tomorrow morning with Big Jim & Stacy Lee for your chance to win "Florence + The Machine" concert tickets! They will be at White River Ampitheatre July 21st.
Here is some of what you can expect if you win tickets!
“Justified” Star Erica Tazel
Erica Tazel from FX's "Justified" joined Big Jim & Stacy Lee to talk about her roll as "Rachel Brooks", and to give us a sneak peak at what to expect on tonights episode. You may have seen her in shows like The Office, ER, Law & Order, SVU, Se…

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