“Lets Party” in Kennewick is Doing Something Different
For many years Lets party in Kennewick has been known for selling balloons, Halloween decor, costumes and general party decorations.
I was visiting the store this week and was shocked to see the remodel! and it looks great!
Not only do they still sell party supplies but they are doin…
People Are Freaking Out About These Candies!
It seems all the women I know are addicted to these candies! The chocolate-coconut almonds are really good, I have to admit. They're aromatic so when you walk past you smell them! It's almost as if they're talking to you: "Hey, hey you! I see you there. Just have 2-3. It won't hurt!" But t…
An Awesome Treat For Those With A Sweet Tooth!
Most of you know how I have the worlds worse Sweet Tooth! I'm a hound for chocolate and find anything sweet hard to resist!
My kids whom I taught young how to eat healthy and stay away from the sweets  are now far better at it then I am!  They brought these with them when they visited …
Chocolate Is Healthier Than Fruit!
No Wonder I'm so healthy!!  For some reason, I think this study was done with an ulterior motive.
–According to a new study, chocolate is actually healthier than fruit!  A study that was conducted by . . . Hershey’s.–Really.