People Are Freaking Out About These Candies!
It seems all the women I know are addicted to these candies! The chocolate-coconut almonds are really good, I have to admit. They're aromatic so when you walk past you smell them! It's almost as if they're talking to you: "Hey, hey you! I see you there. Just have 2-3. It won't hurt!" But t…
An Awesome Treat For Those With A Sweet Tooth!
Most of you know how I have the worlds worse Sweet Tooth! I'm a hound for chocolate and find anything sweet hard to resist!
My kids whom I taught young how to eat healthy and stay away from the sweets  are now far better at it then I am!  They brought these with them when they visited …
Chocolate Is Healthier Than Fruit!
No Wonder I'm so healthy!!  For some reason, I think this study was done with an ulterior motive.
–According to a new study, chocolate is actually healthier than fruit!  A study that was conducted by . . . Hershey’s.–Really.