Share Your Best Valentine’s Memory!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! What will you do this year?
What was your favorite Valentine's memory?
Don't forget to plan on The Sweethearts Comedy Soiree Thursday Febuary 14th for this Valentine's Day!!
Here's a clip from one of the comedians who will be at the So…
Funny Man Bill Cosby Comes To Tri-cities!
I've always loved Bill Cosby! I think everyone wishes they had a Dad, just like him! I've tried a few times to see him when he comes close to the area, and have never been able to make it happen! I'm planning on seeing him this time FOR SURE!
Bill Cosby
Friday, October 26, 2012
Making Your Mini Van Cool – Swagger Wagon [VIDEO]
The word 'swag' and 'swagger' have become common place these days. Sometimes words and sayings need to just go away when they have reached the masses...bling-bling, baller, pimpin', and a handful of others that have come around the last few years courtesy of rap and hip hop. I think this may be the …

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