Best Way to Cook Your Ham (Secret Squirrel Recipe)
My mom tried this recipe and by far I thought it was the best tasting ham ever!

6 pound ham, fully cooked
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup 7-UP

1 teaspoon dry mustard
Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Combine brown sugar and mustard and mix well
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Gordon Ramsey Cooks the Perfect Steak in 2.5 Minutes
I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan, I watch all of his shows and one of these days I will dine in one of his restaurants, but until then I'll just have to cook like him. Watch Gordon show you how to cook the PERFECT steak in 2.5 minutes...AMAZING!
Watch Me Cook Steaks in a Philips Airfryer [VIDEO]
My coworker is always raving about his Philips Airfryer so I asked to come over and try it out. Yummy Meats gave me two 6-oz New York steaks and he says the air fryer works the same as a grill. Well, we'll have to see about that.
Best Ways to Bake Pumpkin Seeds [RECIPES]
There is no "right way" to bake pumpkin seeds. Each method has pros and cons so you'll have to settle on what works for you. Personally, I hate chewy shells so I like recipes that crisp them. Once they're baked some like sweet seasoning, others prefer savory. So here are …
10 Best Cheap Lunch Ideas for Mid Columbia Workers
Figuring out dinner is hard enough. Lunch? It's hopeless. You end up eating out, spending a lot of money and eating crap. I've eaten Raisin Bran for dinner every night this week so I buy a fried burrito for lunch at the convenience store. Cooking for yourself is healthier and having leftovers for lu…
The Easiest Way To Shuck and Cook Corn on the Cob
The Columbia basin grows some of the best corn in the world. There are several farmers markets going on almost every day so I say get some super sweet corn and here's a video to help you make awesome corn on the cob easy.

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