10 Easy Hobbies You Can Start Today!
I like RC cars and helicopters. I don't do it every week, but whenever I want to I can pick them up and have fun. I also really like stunt kites and the Tri-Cities is the perfect place for that. Here are 10 more ideas for hobbies that are really easy to start and mostly inexpensive...
5 Amazing Uses for Dryer Lint!
Our web guy Andrew saves dryer lint for starting backyard fires. I always thought this was nuts until I read something today suggesting dryer lint is a wasted resource!
5 Awesome Ways to Make Your Own Swimsuit
It was hot yesterday and that reminded me to find my swimsuit. Swimwear is a funny thing because has got to be the most personal thing we wear all year. As problematic as that is, we also love for our things to be personal, or rather extensions of our personality...