10 Dogs Dressed as ‘Star Wars’ Characters
We really, really love 'Star Wars.' And by "love" we mean we're borderline obsessed. The only thing that could make it better is if small dogs somehow got involved. Which is to say, it just got better. These dogs display almost as much love as we feel for the fantasy…
A Day In the Life of a Working Dog! [VIDEO]
Seems there is a phenomenon of dogs eating at the dinner table lately. Everyone is making a video. We all must have too much time on our hands! But, here is a look at what a "Dog Day" might be if a pooch actually had to get ready for work in the morning...
Halloween for Dogs — a Big Business!
I'm very tempted to dress up my dogs for Halloween. I know they hate it I just can't help myself. Everywhere you turn WalMart, Target, Petco ect... there they are -- cute outfits for your pup.
Florida Man Wrestles Gator to Save Beloved Dog
We already knew that dogs love their masters, but how far will a pet owner go to protect their beloved pooch? In Florida, a 66-year-old grandfather recently wrestled a seven-foot alligator to save his West Highland Terrier. Answer is, pretty far, apparently.
Quirky Pets Do You Have One?
Each and every pet is so uniquely different, just like people! And some more than others have some quirky things about them.
This is my son's girlfriends dog. And It's definitely "quirky"
Check out this video and see if you can see what I mean...
Do Pets Make Kids Smarter?
If you have or are thinking of having kids, it might be a good idea to also add a pet to the equation. That’s because last month a study found that babies who grow up in households with pets are healthier than their pet-less counterparts. And now a survey of children suggests that ha…
Dog Obsessed With Air Conditioner Has the Right Idea
Large swaths of the nation are currently being blasted with extreme heat. If you happen to live one of these boiling regions, you are probably wondering how folks were able to properly function in such conditions before there was air conditioning.
Now imagine if you had to face triple-digit temperatu…
A Dose of Cuteness!
My boyfriends sister just got this puppy! It's a "Dry Mouth" St. Bernard pup! they named her "Mia" she was at the 4th of July BBQ and I just fell in love with her!
Apparently, this particular breed doesn't drool like most St. Bernards do...

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