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I Need Your Help To Find Land For Lease or Buy For 3 Horses!
Most of you know I have three horses.  And I am looking for a chunk of land that I can buy or Lease to place them. I can feed the big orchard bales so if it has water, I can still live off site.
Ultimately I'd like to find a place to buy with a house, but nothing appears to be in my price r…
Early Thanksgiving With My Boys! And Pups!
Both my boys live out of the area, so my son Brenden came to town this week to spend an early Thanksgiving with us! And my Eldest son Nick and my future Daughter in Law, drove down from Seattle. It was an awesome weekend!  My Ex Husband and us all got together for some family time...
Behind The Scenes With KVEW TV [VIDEOS]
Thank you Xiomara and Scott, from KVEW TV who came to my barn today to shoot a promo commercial with me for Cowgirl College which is coming up Sat August 25th at the Benton-Franklin Fair! My friend Mindy who is our Acct Exec was there too...
A Fun Morning Playing With My Baby!
This morning's weather wasn't too bad, so I spent the morning playing with my new baby "Lady Liberty" She's the Filly I adopted recently when the owners needed to find a home for her.

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