A Sneak Peek at Construction for Scaregrounds 2017
Every year Townsquare Media has a haunted attraction at the fairgrounds in Kennewick Washington...we call it "SCAREGROUNDS"
This year we are taking it to a whole different level!!.... higher quality...lower ticket prices! and a Zombie Lounge...
Rik’s Top Five Candy Picks For Halloween
Trick Or Treating was hard work as a kid.
You know that you have to calculate and be cunning in your planning choices of which neighborhoods to ransack ... all on the quest for your favorite candy. You hope that you'll get a massive quantity of your favorite candy for free...
10 Most Haunted Places in the Mid Columbia [PHOTOS]
A coworker says when they were young friends would take her out to see the ghost at Three River's Park in Finley. If you waited in the right spot and sat perfectly still, you'd suddenly hear a hiss and see a tall misty figure rising above the ground...

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