Am I Too Sick to Go to Work Today?
It's that time of year again ... and none of us is immune. Not even me!
Yup -- a nasty, stubborn cold has been making its way around our offices, and after hearing all the coughing and nose-blowing echo down the halls for the past few weeks, the bug finally landed in my work space.
Hear Importance of Kadlec Concussion Summit Coming May 20th [AUDIO]
We had a chance this week to talk with Dr. Richard Jacobs, a former Richland High school alumni, who is one of the participants in the upcoming Concussion Summit being held in Richland by the Kadlec Neurological Resource Center. This important free event is for parents, coaches, medical professional…
Drinking Red Wine Is Good For Your Teeth
You know that moment after you've been drinking red wine? When you look in the bathroom mirror and realize you've looked like a vampire for the past hour, because your teeth are purple?  Don't worry . . . that's the color of health and wellness.
A Reminder to Drink MORE Water!
I just bought a brand new huge jug to carry with me to make sure I get enough water everyday. I got this one at Complete Nutrition inside Golds Gym Hwy 395. It was spendy, but it seems if I don't have a ample container, I will forget all together to drink anything...

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