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Hope Solo Calls Rio 2016 Olympics Unethical
One thing is for sure, Zika virus is now in Washington state and is currently transmitted sexually, but as soon as the mosquitos come out it could spread throughout the state. What's not clear is if pregnant women are at risk. In Brazil it's a different story. As the frenzy to finish the 2016 Summer…
Hope Solo’s 85-Year-Old Grandma Also Playing Goalie
Hope Solo's grandma is set to act in an upcoming movie on Bravo TV. The short made-for-TV movie is called "Goal!" and is about a boy who dreams of playing in the World Cup. In real life, he has a paper route and Solo's grandmother, Alice Shaw, is a grouchy neighbor. Apparently, a…
Hope Solo Nominated For “Awesomest Dude”
I know we are all proud of our local celebrity and sports star Hope Solo. She has continued to amaze us and make us proud from her dynamic soccer playing to her "Dancing With The Stars!"
I heard she was recently nominated for the "Awesomest Dude" Award on SportsNat…
The 5 Faces of Hope Solo – Photo Gallery
I miss Hope Solo. After losing "Dancing With The Stars" she virtually disappeared. Now that she's back to her career as a professional athlete, when will we hear from her again? What's next for the most famous Tri-Cities woman?