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Pasco Police Department Should Start Writing Tickets To Kids
I'm a huge fan of the Pasco Police Department's Facebook page. The daily posts are informative and occasionally you get a little chuckle here and there proving that law enforcement officials can have a sense of humor.
I think the Pasco Police Department should start citing kids this summer. I know wh…
Ice Cream Personality Test
Today I discovered the website! The site lists 7 different ice cream flavors, and what they say about your personality. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. I think this summary is VERY accurate - dontcha think?!


Chocolate -  Chocolate lovers are lively, creative and …
Frozen Yogurt Freezing Out Traditional Ice Cream Parlor
In recent years, it seems as though frozen yogurt is icing out the competition and becoming more popular than the traditional ice cream business.
Supplying a healthy alternative for those with the sweet tooth, frozen yogurt allows you to fill your cravings with a fat-free, probiotic and non-artificia…

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