Fireworks Mischief Causes Fire In Hermiston
It's getting to be that dangerous time of year when kids are being careless with fireworks. It looks like fireworks mischief caused some serious damage in Hermiston as a fire broke out and burnt down a home.
Hermiston Rock Hunt Is New and Awesome!
My friends in Hermiston never cease to amaze me!! Not only do they have a water-park...but now a Rock Hunt trail!!
This is rules from their Facebook page:
Please replace any rocks you take from our park, if you find a rock and want to take it home...
Pasco Police Department Should Start Writing Tickets To Kids
I'm a huge fan of the Pasco Police Department's Facebook page. The daily posts are informative and occasionally you get a little chuckle here and there proving that law enforcement officials can have a sense of humor.
I think the Pasco Police Department should start citing kids this summer. I know wh…

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