Time to Vote for the Best Toys of All Time! [PHOTO]
The experts at the National Toy Hall of Fame will vote this month to add two, and only two, toys to the hall of fame Nov. 7. In honor of all things playful, we decided to have our own vote. The experts have narrowed the list to 12 candidates. See them below and place your vote. And what's the N…
Did You Put Bread Bags on Your Feet? [POLL]
Stacy Lee is from California and had never heard of this. Knowing I grew up in a poor family, she assumed this was because my parents couldn't afford good winter boots. But everybody does this! Answer the poll and tell her so! We'll share the answers next week.
See Everybody’s Favorite Runner at the Black Widow Mud Run!
The Black Widow Mud Run back on Aug. 3 was five miles with over a dozen obstacles. Some people amazingly completed the course in under 40 minutes! We were incredibly impressed with everyone who completed the run, but we all were especially in awe of one particular runner. Everyone was talking about …

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