missed connections

Tri Cities Missed Connections – Did You Make The List?
There is nothing more painful than unrequited love but what about love from afar?
There are some folks looking for love on The Tri-Cities Craigslist and maybe you were part of the missed connections this week and didn't even know it.
Here is the best of the best this week in Missed Connections.
10 Best TRUE STORY ‘Missed Connections’ + What Came of It!
Today we read "Missed Connections" stories on air. See Stacy's blog for a recap of today's hilarious posts. I was curious if anyone ever hooked up from those things, so I did a little digging and found 10 HILARIOUS true stories about 1st dates from "Missed Connec…
Tri-City Peep’s Are Always Looking For Love
In case you're not able to catch our show in the morning, we're always just trying to help connect people with 'The One'. Hear the always hilarious 'Missed Connections' Today's episode was especially funny and had something to do with Mexican Farrah Fawcett hair.
Did You Miss Our Craigslist Missed Connections?
A regular segment on our show is Tri-Cities 'Missed Connections'. If you were at Wal-Mart in Richland or McDonalds on Canal or The Gas station in Benton City you may have a love connection waiting for you....or not!
Tri-Cities Craigslist’s 10 Worst ‘Missed Connections’
Ever just missed that beautiful lady at the supermarket? Ever wished that guy at the gas station would've looked your way? These are "missed connections" -- opportunities to meet someone that passed because you had to get back to work, take your kids to school, meet your frien…
Missed Connections – Who Are They?
YOU: You've made a business out of discovering unknown talent by making people compete for votes on national television. You also managed to bring back the boy band when we least expected it. Your brutally honest -- and usually quite insulting -- critiques of performances make you frightening a…