Look at all the Cool Stuff You Can Make With Wine Barrels
One great thing about living in the Columbia Valley AKA "Wine Country Washington" is we have a ample supply of cheap wine barrels. I've always love the way wine barrels look because they're so rustic. Little did I know there are a million things you can create with a wine…
Get Your Pinterest Fix On the Go With Mobile App
Pinterest has decided taking over the internet is not enough and has finally gone completely mobile. This week, the social media site launched new apps for the iPad and Android platforms, and updated the already existing iPhone app. The happy result is that you can now tote around your virtual cork …
Great Recycling Idea
Back to my new obsession...Pinterest I get the greatest idea's from this site. Check out the photo so simple so useful and it recycles something everyone throw's into the land fill. Have a great day check out Pinterest and get inspired!
My New Online Obsession
I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I just discovered Pinterest.
If your are not already using this cool site you may want to. I will warn you that it can become very addicting.