Did You Know Gold Comes From Outer Space? ALL OF IT!
I learned this in Alaska and I love dropping this little factoid on people like a bombshell. Gold does not exist naturally on earth. All the gold accessible to us in mountains and rivers and inside ore is from meteorites. I'm so not kidding you!
10 Food Myths You Probably Believe
All too often we get carried away believing (or worse, repeating) everything we are told and don't spend enough time questioning what's actually been said. We've picked 10 very common health mantras you hear everyday and weeded out the worst of the lies, because we want you to ea…
Good Looking People Are More Selfish — Study
Attractive people are less likely to cooperate with others, and more likely to focus on their own interest, according to a new study
Spanish researchers had volunteers participate in “Prisoner’s Dilemma“-type games and found that those with the most symmetrical facial features generally took the sel…