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Ichiro Returns to Area 51 and the Seattle Mariners
If you're a Seattle Mariners fan you have to be excited about having Ichiro back on the roster. Ichiro is 44 years old and was signed to a one year deal with M's. Finally something to cheer about at Safeco Field!  Read more from the Seattle Mariners website...
Did I Mention I Love Baseball – Mariners Update
Okay I'm now obsessed with baseball. I grew up as an Angel fan but I am now a "Convert" and my new favorite player is 6'5" Michael Morse. He hit two homers in last nights game against the Oakland A's. Check out this cool blog about Mike!
The Biggest Loser!
There's a new list out of the Pro Sports teams who've had the biggest attendance drop in the past decade. It covers the four major sports in the US: Baseball,the NFL,the NBA and Ice hockey, you will be shocked to see who is at the top of the list