More Photos On Facebook = Insecure About Appearance
(Photo Illustration by Chris Jackson, Getty Images)
Although my FB is flooded with very unappealing photos, like no make up...fat pics, just woke up pics, pics full of cellulite..etc. It's the REAL me!  And I think if I was THAT  "insecure," I'd be afraid to…
Lingerie Football League May Play On Sundays If There Is NFL Lockout
The threat of a lockout is already putting the 2011 NFL football season in jeopardy. However, if the armored gladiators can't play this fall, a gang of women in lingerie may step in to fill your Sunday afternoon football jones.
That's right, the Lingerie Football League is considering moving their re…
Mr. Right Or Mr. Ed?
One out of seven americans say that if It came down to picking their significant other or their pet . . . they’d go with the pet.