New survey out says young mother's today don't really have the homemaking skills that mothers were known for in the past. It says 90% don't know how to starch a shirt, 50% can't sew, and 40% don't know basic baking. But, it also says more than two thirds have careers!

I guess it's a different world today than it was 50 years ago! But, is it really progressing the way we want it to?

I guess to each his own! I think people in general have learned to "adapt" to the circumstances that are placed before us. Most women now days are EXPECTED to work and contribute equally to the household  finances.

Some men have adapted to being "stay at home Dad's" while mom brings home the bacon!

So I guess it's different for everyone!

I do think however that we have ALL become so OVERLY busy doing the things we need to do so we can squeeze in the things we also WANT to do like hobbies, interests and passions! So, we cut down on time consuming tasks like ironing or sewing.

And, I believe women find it difficult to trust men enough to allow themselves to be "dependent" on a man to provide them anything!  And are afraid to leave the working world and trust that their man would remain loyal and committed if they weren't contributing financially. What has society taught us?

What do you think?