The Morning Show welcomed "Project Runway" star Tim Gunn on air to talk about the premier of season 12 starting Thursday, July 18.Big Jim and Stacy Lee asked Tim why he thought the show was so popular in regions like ours where fashion isn't a high priority.

"It's the No. 1 region for per capita viewing of 'Project Runway.' I get asked, 'Doesn't that surprise me since it's not a very fashion-conscience area?' I tell them, it's the smart guy's show... and they have smartest per capita people, too."

Jim revealed he gets in trouble a lot at home for his wardrobe, so Tim gave some advice:

Focus on

  • Silouette
  • Proportion
  • Fit
  • Clothes should skim your body, not hug your body; not billowing away either.

The bickering over clothes is a "very American thing," Tim said. It's unique that in our country it's a men vs. women thing.

What's going to be new in season 12? More fan interaction. Tim is in charge of promoting more interaction with the judges, something he wasn't excited about out first.

"I come out with the models, and the judges get to interact with the models and me... It allows me to advocate for the designers and have my day in court, so to speak... It gives me a platform that allows me to give the judges information that I think is every important to their decision making."

"It's a very American thing: women against men when it comes to fashion."

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