I interviewed Nestor Carbonell – the actor who plays Sheriff Alex Romero in A&E’s “Bates Motel” -- and asked him where they film the show. 


Even though the story takes place in a fictional town in Oregon, the Alfred Hitchcock set was re-created in a remote area south of Langley, British Columbia. The area, just off 272ndStreet in south Aldergrove just blocks from the U.S. border, was formerly the Jackman Landfill. The neighborhood is now home to nurseries and greenhouses, new subdivisions, small agricultural projects and nature reserves.

Check out two stories about the set in British Columbia newspapers:

“It was built on a landfill, from scratch; it’s almost a complete replica. It’s shrink wrapped now that we’re not filming to protect it with 24 hour security. Apparently people were crashing the motel when we weren't shooting.”

Listen to the complete interview: 

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