My son wants to become a professional soccer player. My wife and I are supporting him in working toward that goal. Andrew thinks that's unwise because in today's economy we should be steering our children into wise career paths since they'll have it harder than we did. I think everyone wants to support their children in following their dreams, but so often we stomp on their dreams hoping they'll make a safe choice. What do YOU think is right?

Our parents wanted us to be doctors and lawyers, but we ended up doing just fine as teachers, mechanics, truck drivers and shop owners. But it looks like it may be harder for our children to make the same amount of money we did in those same professions. And who knows, robots might eliminate half the jobs in the future.

On the other hand, no one is happy studying something or working somewhere because our parents made us. Wouldn't you rather be a poor musician and be happy than a successful banker who dreads going to work everyday? It's a tough one.