Ever need a quick bite of something filling, and yet somewhat healthy? Keep these in the fridge at home or bring them to work or stash in your cooler to take with you.

I made my own own version of course, (because I always do that)..I tried Almond Butter instead of peanut butter, and I used Agave Honey (because that's all I had at the moment.)  If I had Carob chips, I would use those instead of Choc Chips. And I used a ground Flaxseed, Chia Seed Mix that I buy and didn't have any wheat germ.  Most of the rest of ingredients were the same.

I ended up having to add some peanut butter to help hold the balls together better. (I don't think the Almond Butter works as well for that) I also would probably choose to use the Pure Maple Syrup but I was out of that. Or the Clover honey instead of Agave.

Anyway, I made these, and had them in the fridge.  And when I was runnin' around and busy yesterday but starving, I'd eat one and it would keep me for at least an hour so my stomach wouldn't hurt from being hungry!

Try them out! And check out this link...with more recipes too!