The reruns are over, and it's time for a new season of television entertainment. While the likes of Matthew Perry, Dennis Quaid and Sophia Bush will dot the small screen in new programs, there are some shows that, sadly, didn't get past the pilot stage.

You won't even hear about them on the Internet because they weren't worth mentioning. Ed Wood would have a field day with these titles. Here are 10 fall sitcoms that didn't get the green light:

1. 'Two Broke Hipsters': Follow Austin and Crystal as they try to manage their lackluster 20-something lives by working as baristas and attending trendy parties.

2. 'Army Mistresses': The wives stay at home while the mistresses try to convince their soldier soul mates to leave their families.

3. 'Creationism': Watch as this awkward group of Christian friends try to impress the hot atheist across the hall.

4. 'University': Follow Harvard's most privileged study group as they try to skate their way through school before eventually inheriting their parents' companies after graduation.

5. 'That Guy in Apartment 25 Is Pretty Nice': He lives alone. He borrows a cup of sugar every once in a while. Other than that, he's a pretty nice dude.

6. 'Falling Pies': Extraterrestrials invade planet Earth cleverly disguised as America's favorite dessert.

7. 'How I Met Your Stepdad': As Kathy Griffin's marriage falls apart after a few kids, she finds herself in a passionate affair and a speedy divorce. In time, she'll hear her kids ending arguments yelling the phrase "You're not my dad!"

8. 'Law and Order: Dog Unit': It's Kibbles and Bits and Crime for this team of police officers, in a show packed with suspense and poop.

9. 'Call Me Ishmael': Could the tale of Moby Dick actually be the key to an alternate dimension? Find out this fall!

10. 'The Mummy Diaries': Watch as Dakota Fanning falls helplessly in love with a million-year-old decaying prince who promises to make all of her desires a reality.