When people ask me, "What are you doing with your vacation time?" I say, "I'm not doing nothing!" I'm going to sleep in, relax, sit around the house, never get dressed, etc." Truth is, my vacations are a lot less relaxing than that.

The truth is I wake up really, really early to work in radio. That leaves me exhausted when I get home and I never get stuff done around the house. So I look forward to using my vacation time to get enough sleep to work. Does that make sense?




  • 1

    I need to finish Chaka Khan's chicken coup

  • 2

    Finish painting my kitchen

  • 3

    Do something with the stuff leaning on the side of my house

  • 4

    Do something with the wasp-infested deck material stacked next to the partially-finished deck

  • 5

    Help my mom fix stuff

  • 6

    Help my mom sort stuff

  • 7

    Help my mom organize stuff

  • 8

    Help my mom sell stuff

  • 9

    Help my mom take stuff to the dump

  • 10

    Maaaaybe (I said maybe) finish the deck