My son Alex is in the Air Force in Texas right now. After coming home from Christmas he'll be shipping out to his first assignment. He had the choice of Hawaii or New York City. Guess what he chose. What would YOU choose?

He chose New York City!

A young 20 something with a uniform turning down Hawaii? What? He asked around and found out it's a huge adventure for about a month, and then you just end up sitting on the beach drinking on your time off (sounds good, right?). But think about it, if you're young and looking for adventure, do you want to be trapped on an island?

In New York City there's never a shortage of places to explore. You'd NEVER be bored. And you could take a four-day weekend and visit Boston, Washington D.C., the Adirondacks, Toronto, etc. Think of all the sports teams you could go see! In Hawaii? The Mountain West conference. Woo hoo.

I think he made a good decision. What would YOU do?