A 2015 survey asked many, many couples what the secrets to a happy marriage were. We thought the answers were wise... and a few were hilarious. Then we compared the list to four tips from a 1951 book written by a marriage therapist!

Top 10 out of 50 answers on what makes a happy marriage:

10. Having a similar outlook on life

9. Laughing at each other

8. Knowing when to say sorry

7. Saying "I love you" regularly

6. Compromising

5. Accepting each other's faults

4. Remembering birthdays and anniversaries

3. Always being honest with each other

2. Having the same sense of humor

1. Trusting each other

Bonus list from answers 11-50:

  • Kiss each other good night
  • Regular "relations"
  • Arguing once in a while
  • Still making an effort to look good for each other
  • Having two televisions
  • Un-friending exes on Facebook
  • Separate bathrooms
  • Secret stash of money the other doesn't know about!!!!!!
  • Not going to bathroom in front of each other

1951 list FOR WOMEN written by a psychologist:

1. Don't talk. Don't bother your husband with petty complaints and troubles. Let him tell you his troubles. Build up his self esteem.

2. Bad cooking will drive your man to seedy saloons.

3. Let him have a little fun now and then. If he strays once in awhile forgive him.

4. Your husband is the boss of you. He sustains, by God's order, a position of dignity as head of the family and head of you.

It's chauvinistic but Stacy Lee pointed out marriages back then lasted 40-50 years... maybe because women were blind to how bad they had it!

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