As much as your non-smoking mom claims to love the handmade ashtrays and hand-picked bouquet (from her garden, no less) that you’ve given her every Mother’s Day for the last two decades, this is the year to shake things up.

You may see your mom as the woman who still isn’t completely sure how to turn her cable box on, but that doesn’t mean the perfect tech toy isn’t out there for her. Here are a few ideas of plugged-in gifts to say thanks to your mom this year.



Mom’s been trying to get you to turn off that TV and open a book for years. With a Kindle and a digital library at her fingertips, she’ll be so engaged with her own handheld screen, maybe she won’t notice what you’re doing on yours. And the best thing is the Kindle is ready to use when you open it, nothing to download, no software to install and no 7 am phone calls because it’s just not working!

Amazon $79

PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser


Remember when your mom took you to that laser show for your birthday? Now you can pay her back with a laser that is more her speed. The PaloVia skin renewing system is an at home do-it-yourself laser treatment that minimizes the appearances of fine lines and eye wrinkles. Just practice telling her you got this for her “even though she doesn’t need it.”

PaloVia $499

Up by Jawbone


That candy necklace you got from a vending machine was nice, but now it’s time to give your mother some jewelry that isn’t just colorful but can also help her feel better. Up by Jawbone is a high-tech bracelet that monitors sleep patterns, activity throughout the day and with the companion iPhone app, helps you track what you eat and how that affects your mood and health.

Doxie Scanner


If your mom was constantly asking you to clean up your room, pick up your toys and put away your books, the Doxie Scanner might be a gift made in mommy heaven. This lightweight portable scanner is a simple way to keep desktops neat and papers organized. Just enter receipts, documents, photos, push the heart-shaped button and immediately get a digital copy that can be filed online or emailed. What better way for mom to send you local newspaper clippings of people you haven’t heard about since high school?

Doxie $149

Panasonic Network Video Camera


So, you moved out and mom got a dog who gets far more treats than she ever allowed you. If being away from Fido makes mom nervous, calm her fears with the Panasonic Network Cam. This simple camera can be viewed and controlled remotely from a computer or even a cell phone and will allow your mother to breathe easy knowing her precious pooch is comfy and curled up on that couch she never let you put your feet on.

Best Buy $129.99

Bodum Juicer


Mom always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. With a cute Bodum Juicer, she can start her day right with fresh juice and it comes with two matching glasses to serve it in. Maybe she’ll even make you some eggs to go with it!

Amazon $47.44

Cell Phone Headset


Was your mom one of the last people you know to get a cell phone? Perhaps she still grumbles that she can’t really hear you, or you find that her voice goes in and out as she can’t seem to locate the phone’s microphone? Make those calls home happier for everyone with this retro cell phone headset so she can party like it’s still 1999.

Babycakes Cupcake Maker


A modern mom doesn’t have to slave over a hot stove all day in an apron and curlers to achieve that 1950s ideal. The Babycakes Cupcake Maker is the perfect tool for busy moms whose kids just told them there’s a school bake sale…tonight. This waffle iron for pastries pops out eight perfect little cupcakes in about 5 minutes. If your mom is more butt-kicking lawyer than Donna Reed type, the Babycakes Cupcake Maker will have all the other PTA moms asking how in the world she does it.



Now that she’s retired, mom has decided she’s going to trek the globe. From Mexico to the Maldives, she wants to see it all. With the Steripen, she can go anywhere and never have to worry about any pesky intestinal problems stopping her adventures. Place the Steripen in a glass of water and it’s purified in under a minute so she can be sure to get her eight glasses a day.

Steripen $49.95

Spoon Sisters Digital Spoon Scale


Mom loves to cook, but hates a cluttered kitchen? With the ability to measure weight, volume, tablespoons and teaspoons, the Digital Spoon Scale is the perfect all in one baking tool. With less mess, mom will want to bake more: and when mom bakes, everyone wins.


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