Thanks to our friends at Homestreet Bank,Dermacare,The Original Pancake House and Just Roses Flowers and More we were able to make Mother's day special for some very deserving Moms

Grand Prize Package includes: $150 Gift Certificate to Dermacare $25 Gift Certificate to Just Roses and $20 Gift Certificate to The Original Pancake House....our grand Prize winner is Tonya and her Daughter Macy Nominated her and here's what she had to say about her Mom:

Where do I even begin...
My mother is truly the most beautiful person, inside and out. She is always putting her children, husband, and other people before herself. She is loving, she is supporting, she is encouraging, and she is comforting. Despite her extremely busy job, she makes dinner every night, cleans the house, pays the bills, goes to soccer games and other events for her children, and takes care of her disabled brother, all while having absolutely no time for herself. She is the most thoughtful and selfless woman I know. With losing her mom this past December, I witnessed how tough it was for her, but despite that, she was there for everyone, holding them up and getting them through it. She has not been there for herself because thats the kind of person she is. She is kind and caring and never wants to see others hurt, so she is continuously being a rock for others, while nobody is there to be hers. She is hands down the strongest woman I know. She deserves the absolute world and more. My mother is superwoman. She is my hero and she is everything I hope to become.

Congratulation Tonya you deserve it!

Additionally we had 4 runner ups for $20 to the Original Pancake House and $25 to Just Roses:

  1.  Tiffani Leroue
  2. D'Anna Peterson
  3. Stephanie Collins
  4. Nancy Coats

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