$10,000 has just dropped into your account. Loads of bills could be paid off for the rest of the year. Imagine not even thinking about your phone bill or the water bill. A shocking number of you really despise that one. You could eat out every night or in from a few different restaurants. Hire a cleaning crew and personal chef, get the car whipped into shape and finally buy that espresso machine and you'd still have money left over to play with. Download our app for Monday's Spring Ca-Ching $10,000 code, enter and maybe something on the below list will get you going.


You could book out cabins for the family and set up an adventure full of hiking, rafting, campfires, fishing and more

Yakima Valley Wine

A whole tour from getting picked up to all the treats and wines in between. Gift them to friends and enjoy all season long

Come Fly With Me

Could $10,000 turn into 10 million? Fly out of Yakima airport to Las Vegas for only $143 tomorrow morning. Return on May 1st for $94. Set aside how much you want to play with and hit repeat!

Learn How to Fly

Next time you're feeling hungry head on over to Reno on the Runway and grab a bite while watching the plane take off and land. We have an air strip and instructors in town. Fly yourself to Las Vegas, WOW!

Start a Business

Ever wanted to own a food truck or create Etsy art full time? This is when you go for what you really want. Until then

Commit to Sponsoring Sports Teams

From soccer, to football and baseball the uniforms gear, coaching and snacks take up a lot of money. If you had the cash you could not only help the team with the sickest uniforms but throw them a party at different local restaurants!

Rent a Vehicle for Road Trips

Day trips, night trips and weekend getaways upgrade to the fanciest vehicle, fill it with snacks a great soundtrack and hit the road to the beach, Montana up to the mountains or over to

Bucket List

Have you ever jumped out of an airplane? Want to swim with sharks?

Open a Drive-Inn Movie Theatre

If I had it, I would do it

Donate it the Yakima Ice Rink

They need it

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