At a time when many of his peers’ voices are still cracking, 14-year-old Jake Foushee’s voice is deep and smooth. Deep enough, in fact, to allow him to do a pretty spot-on imitation of legendary movie trailer guy Don LaFontaine. Check out the impressive display below.

Didn’t expect to hear those sounds coming from that face, did you? And what about ‘Apocalypse,’ that crazy disaster flick he’s introducing? It is our understanding that Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich are currently wrestling each other in Paramount’s back lot for the rights to that epic.

Speaking of Bay, Foshee’s voice talents aren’t just limited to mimicking LaFontaine. He can also do a mean Optimus Prime. So it looks like the ‘Transformers’ franchise can go on for at least another 50 years, like it or not. See more of Foshee’s skills below.