Looking For Love, Here Are 15 Places In Tri-Cities To Find Romance

I don't know about you but I love a good romantic comedy. I was recently rewatching "Never Been Kissed" and I'd long forgotten what a great movie it was.

It got me thinking that there have to be some great places to find romance in Tri-Cities so I took to our Facebook and asked you about the most romantic places to find love in the Tri-Cities.

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I only had one criterion and I asked you if you were writing a romantic comedy, where would the two love birds meet?

You responded with some great places and some great humor. I'm going to share the top 15 romantic places that you picked for our Tri-Cities lovebirds to meet.

I do love that Alice Bond responded with the whole premise of the movie done for us:

"The duck pond at Columbia Park when the heroine sees the hero feeding the ducks bread and offers to share her container of cracked corn with him, explaining that bread isn't good for ducks"

I love it so here are the rest of the romantic locations that you guys said would be the perfect place to find romance in the Tri-Cities.

15 Places in the Tri-Cities To Find Unbelievable Romance

We asked you on Facebook where the best places in Tri-Cities to find romance were and you responded with some great locations.

There you have it, 15 of the most romantic places to meet in Tri-Cities as picked by you. If you are single, I'd to one of those places because I'm sure your true love is waiting for you there.

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