My brother and sister-in-law have really been pushing the television show Yellowstone. For some reason, my husband and I were dragging our feet, and then we saw the trailer for 1883. It's the prequel to Yellowstone and holy heck is it good. We are SO incredibly hooked and there is only one episode left!

Oregon Trail

Growing up I was slightly obsessed with the game Oregon Trail. I loved doing the shopping before heading out only to discover that my oxen were lame or worse, we broke a wagon wheel or someone came down with dysentery. Living in the Pacific Northwest made all of it seem slightly more real or so I thought.

I feel like since 1883 has premiered my jaw has just been on the floor. First I feel like I need to do better in all areas of my life. My ancestors crossed those plains and obviously made it because I am here. The pain, the sorrow, the stress, the unknown. Second, I have always known American Indians are beautiful people but wow! The strength, the hardship, the connection to the land, and what it stands for. The heartbreaking reality of what is coming, I just don't even have words.

The Acting

I won't give you spoilers but the music alone builds making each scene somber, beautiful, timeless. The show has done an incredible job of showing you what it would have been like. Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill are a stellar couple in real life and are acting the absolute **** out of their roles. Not too far off, they are husband and wife! Sam Elliot is always stupendous in any role and Isabell May, who plays Tim and Faith's daughter does such an incredible job narrating. I'd like to think I would be just like her. Again, no spoilers.

The Accuracy

I have been floored by how terrifying and eclectic the Indigenous American Tribes they encounter are. It makes the show even more incredible to know that the showrunners hired Shoshone Tribe Member Lacey Bacon to assist with accuracy. Lacey is from Spokane, Washington!

She noticed right off the bat that the show had lumped the American Indians into one tribe and was quick to correct that, offering up the details of what would make these scenes authentic and not full of Hollywood fibs.


If you are going to create a show depicting the past, at this point, it needs to be accurate and this show is so good, it makes me emotional. It's one of the best shows I have ever watched and would highly recommend it!

I'm really looking forward to beginning watching Yellowstone, after the finale of 1883 premiers on Saturday, February 26th, 2022.



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