A Mystery Disappearance After 44 Years Remains Unsolved In Eastern Washington

It's been 44 years ago last week that a young girl in my hometown of Clarkston Washington went missing and after all these years, the mystery still remains unsolved.

archive footage
archive footage/courtesy of LC Valley Facebook Page

Can You Help Figure Out What Happened To Christina White?

As a kid growing up in small-town Washington State, we had it pretty good. We didn't think about abduction or murder but a few cases back when I was a kid scared the hell out of me.

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One such case dates back to 1979 in the small town of Asotin Washington. Its town population is roughly 1000 and it's about five miles from Clarkston Washington on your way to Oregon in Eastern Washington.


Here are the details of the case:

Shortly after midnight on April 29, 1979, a report was made to the Asotin County Sheriff's Department that Christina White was missing and that she had been missing since the afternoon of April 28, 1979. Christina was last seen at 503 2nd Street by her mother, Betty Eminger at around 1:00 pm. 503 2nd Street was the home of Christina’s friend.
Christina had gone to the parade which began at 10:30 am with her mother and younger sister. They had lunch afterward and then Christina had gone to her friend’s house to help get her horse ready for the fair.
Christina was last heard from around 2:00 pm when she called her mother from her friend’s house at 503 2nd Street and said she was sick from the heat and asked for a ride home. Betty told her to get a cool wash cloth and to rest in the shade and then walk to the corner of 2nd and Jefferson with her bike and her mother would meet her there.
Christina never showed up and has never been seen again. Christina’s bike was never found.
archive footage/courtesy of LC Valley Facebook Page
archive footage/courtesy of LC Valley Facebook Page
Sad to say after all these years, Christina hasn't been found but the Asotin County Sheriff's Department continues to this day trying to solve the case.
Asotin County Sheriff Detective Jackie Nichols at 509-243-4717 is still looking for clues to Christina's disappearance -  All information is confidential and will be given to law enforcement.
You can read more details on the case here.

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